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Coverage for What Matters to You

Insurance doesn't have to be stressful. Count on us to cover all of life's necessities.



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Long-Term Care

What happens when I have a claim?

Local claims adjusters take care of you at the time of a loss and are committed to handling your claim in a professional manner.

Working with local insurance companies also means you can take advantage of perks like common cause of loss deductible, which means you pay only one deductible if the same event damages your building and vehicles.

Crop Insurance

We can provide products to insure your success, even in difficult weather conditions. Federally insured crop insurance products offer the safety net your business needs to recover during the bad years and to help maximize profits in the good years.

Products offered include:

  • Revenue protection
  • Yield protection
  • Crop
  • Hail
  • Livestock risk protection
  • And more...
Farmer with children

Our agents are equipped to provide good risk management techniques that can help insulate a family’s lifestyle and prevent it from changing due to crop losses. The peace of mind gained from having adequate insurance coverage and trusted service is priceless.

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“From your home, business, or farm to your family, I take great pride in being able to handle all of your insurance needs.”Jeff Underhill
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Combine and Save!

When you bundle your policies together you'll save even more. Check with your agent to see what options are available to you.

Got Quotes?

You can relax while your agent shops around for flexible coverage and great rates.

A few of the companies we can quote for include, but are not limited to:

Insurance customization

What if I have valuables that need special attention?

We can protect them too! We can schedule jewelry, golf equipment, collectors items, etc and customize the policy to your liking.

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